“Magic means to see All Heaven in a Flower” – Olivia Robertson

320px-The_Roses_of_HeliogabalusAquarian Rosaria – a celebration of flower goddesses and their gardens

By Hamsadevi

“As a rambling rose grows upon cottage and temple walls, so like a rose does heart join with heart within My all-embracing Love. For the Love of the Mother penetrates through all spheres: the hearts of every creature, each plant, every atom. Where there is heart there is life.   https://sites.google.com/site/fellowshipofisisliturgy/dea-rite-1-dedication-of-a-shrine-to-isis

These are the words from the oracle of the goddess Isis, as received by Olivia Robertson and written down in “Dea – Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess”, vol. I of the Fellowship of Isis liturgy of the Goddess by Olivia Robertson.

To her, who had been in her lifetime and still is to many of us, who met her, a true rose of Isis, the Aquarian Rosaria may be dedicated.

The complete works of Olivia Robertson can be found on the authorised central website of the Fellowship of Isis at https://sites.google.com/site/fellowshipofisiscentral/


Perhaps my dear readers may wonder, what an Aquarian Rosaria might be.

I have got the idea to celebrate an annual Rosaria on the Sunday, which is closest to the full moon in July, during founding the Goddess Gardens Project in the Fellowship of Isis.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a flower festival, a celebration for all the Goddesses, who grant us the colourful beauty and heart raising fragrance of blossoming flowers and aromatic herbs?! Indeed that would be lovely – a celebration of Her Divine gifts and moreover a chance to share these with our family, friends and neighbours.


Bits of history

The Rosaria or Rosalia had been a festival in Ancient Rome, that could be celebrated between midst of May and end of July during the blooming sen of roses.

Originally the Rosaria, Rosalia, dies rosationes or tempore rosae had been an ancient Italic feast; in the Imperial Era it had been celebrated in Asia Minor and on the Balkan Peninsula.

The decoration of ancestors’ tombs with bouquets and garlands of roses and a banquet, which had been hold there to honour them had been a part of the Rosaria in the late Imperial Era. About the end of the Imperial Era Rome had a lot of retired legionaries, who organised in associations and celebrated the Rosaria to honour their deceased members.

Originally the honouring of the dead was not a part of the Rosaria.

The festival had been basically a festival of celebration, dedicated to a deity, ancestors or a prominent member of society. Participants were wearing garlands and wreaths of roses, and the location of the celebration was decorated likewise.


As a Rosaria could be celebrated for a deity or a human being, they were not explicitly religious. So Pagans and Christians were attracted likewise and celebrated the Rosaria together.

The Catholic Church had been inspired by the Rosaria to invent their “Dominica de rosa – Rose Sundays.

A Rose Sunday is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, when purple or violet vestments are replaced by rose coloured ones.

The rose is a symbol of the Goddess, that not even the extremely patriarchal Abrahamic religions could contest her. Look at the symbolism and the iconography of the Holy Virgin: you will not only find roses in her hands; the flower itself is a symbol for Her.

The white rose is a symbol for Her purity, and the red rose symbolises Her active compassion.

The rose has even given it’s name to the Christian prayer rope – the rosary!

The Holy Virgin herself is called the “rose without thorns”, “rose of paradise”, and some of One of Her epithets is “Mary of the Rose Arbor”; Botticelli painted her surrounded by angels, who are crowning Her with a wreath of roses, and psychic individuals reported about perceiving the scent of roses at Marian apparitions.

In the temples of Isis of Ancient Rome’s Imperial Era garlands and wreaths of roses decorated the statues of the Goddess; and the flower’s fragrance was said to protect from demons and any evil, to dissolve the consequences of harmful witchcraft and to heal the spirit.


Why an Aquarian Rosaria?

The Rosaria had been a festival of an eclectic character, which makes it a perfect  occasion for all religions to celebrate together and peacefully the beauties of nature as an expression of the Divine.

For us it is an occasion to celebrate the generosity of the Goddess and share Her spiritual and material gifts with our fellow humans, too.

Poetry and fairy tales may be presented during the Aquarian Rosaria, too, as all these works of art are an expression of Her Divine beauty.

My favourite quote from Olivia Robertson is “Magic means to see All Heaven in a flower”.

In celebrating the Aquarian Rosaria with friends and neighbours we offer a glimpse of Heaven to those, who have eyes to see and a heart that may feel the touch of the Divine.


Beside the spiritual dimension of this festival, guests may get inputs and information on ecological gardening. Those, who are invited into our Goddess Gardens to celebrate with us the Aquarian Rosaria may get informations on how to make their gardens a paradise for our fellow beings – hedgehogs, birds and squirrels, bats, bees and other insects.

Home made beverages from our garden’s flowers and herbs, fruits from our orchard and perhaps honey from our bees – all these bear witness to the nourishing omnipresence of the Great Mother of all.

Let us celebrate the Aquarian Rosaria in joyful memories of our venerable Lady Olivia, her brother Lawrence and his wife Pamela.


Let us honour and share the gifts of the Goddess, which She grants in such an abundance. Hail Isis, Great Goddess of Ten Thousand Names!


Flower pictures by Walter Crane

Photo of rose by Hamsadevi

Photo of Olivia Robertson and Lawrence Durdin Robertson and artwork of Olivia Robertson courtesy of Linda Iles, authorized Fellowship of Isis central website. These are not public domain, so please do not copy without permission. http://www.fellowshipofisiscentral.com